I empower all women to embrace who they are and love the skin they're in.


My name is Julia Parzyck and my passion is to educate girls and women to live a life outside of the diet culture, be aware of media manipulation, and embrace their true selves. I believe that all bodies are beautiful, that all foods can fit into your life, and that being healthy looks different on everyone. Let's ditch the diets and learn how to intuitively eat, exercise because we love our bodies, and unlearn what we've been taught about our ideas of beauty.  Lets feed our minds, bodies, and souls to live a more purposeful and meaningful life!



Find out about my mission, my personal story, and how you can be a part of empowering girls and women to love who they are.


let's empower!

Want to spread the message of self-love and body-appreciation? Want to empower women to love the skin they're in?